2018 Supercross Drinking Game

2018 Supercross Drinking Game

How stoked are we for the 2018 Supercross season?? So stoked we created a drinking game!...As if you and your moto-bros needed one more excuse to drink...Cheers!

NOTE: The game is intended to be played with beer...let's be honest, if it was liquor you couldn't hang.

Take 1 Sip when...

- They show Roczen's arm-snapping crash
- You hear the word "adversity"
- You hear the word "Huck-A-Buck"
- You hear the word "hashtag"
- A JGR/Toyota commercial comes on
- There's a takeout
- Ralph Sheheen gets overly excited
- They show someone with their bike in their livingroom


Rip 1 Throttle Bong when...

- The gate drops (start of every race)
- During intermission
- A red flag comes out


Give 2 Throttle Bong rips when...

- Your pick to win the 250 main wins
- Your pick to win the 450 main wins




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