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Rocco Racing Products

\'rock-ohh\  \'racing\  \'prod-uh kts\ 

Rocco Racing Products was founded by rider / racer / mechanical engineer / college survivor Weston Rocco Furia in 2016.

Our signature product, The Throttle Bong, began in Weston's early college years as a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate at SJSU. Tired of using cheap beer bongs with hoses that would kink and plastic valves that would always get stuck and break, Weston decided he needed to develop his own HEAVY DUTY beer bong that would last longer than all others. Passionate about dirt bikes his entire life, Weston thought it would also be pretty rad to control his new "industrial-strength" beer bong with the twist of a motorcycle throttle.

With his mechanical aptitude and engineering experience Weston developed his first Throttle Bong. The first Throttle Bong was an instant hit and survived three heavy years of frat parties and dirt bike camping trips. Riders and and non-riders alike loved the novelty and ease of twisting a motorcycle throttle to open a beer bong.

After numerous requests to buy the OVER-ENGINEERED Throttle Bong, Weston finally decided to file for a patent application and business license. And BOOM, Rocco Racing  LLC was born. Today, the same passion, durability, and quality is woven into each and every Throttle Bong sold.

Designed and assembled in the San Fransisco Bay Area, Rocco Racing Products is dedicated to bringing you quality, badass, AMERICAN MADE products at a reasonable price.

We're not in to giving you bling, feeding you bullsh*t, or giving you sub-par products. We are dedicated to giving you badass, high quality, and functional products that you can appreciate for years to come. No short cuts have been taken and no corners have been cut.

Countless passion-filled hours are poured into the development of every Rocco Racing Product and we believe it shows. We stand behind each of our products with a warranty and a customer service department that is prompt and dedicated to keeping you a happy and loyal customer. 

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If you have any questions, concerns, or issues please contact us by emailing sales@roccoracingproducts.com