Hangovers Suck. Prevent Them.

Hangovers Suck. Prevent Them.

"First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you." ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hangovers suck. Don't let the drink take you...cure that hangover or prevent them with the following 10 fixes:

(This is a list of stuff WE DO, and we're definitely NOT doctors...always ask your physician for actual medical advice.)

1. Drink a TON of Water the Day of

Yup, this requires forethought...we understand how hard forethought is, but loading up on water the day of a binger is one the best things you can do to prevent a hangover.

2. Drink Pedialyte

Can't for the life of you remember to drink water? Rip a Throttle Bong or two full of Pedialyte before and after raging your face off. PRO TIP: Always keep a few in your fridge for emergency situations (yea...there's that forethought thing again).

3. Eat Food

Drinking on an empty stomach is bound to fuck you, this is not science. If booze is the only thing your body has to process, it's not going to end well. Burritos, pre-game meals, and late night munchies were invented for a reason...

4. Ditch the sugar

Besides making you look like a bitch, chasers and sugary mixers will hurt you the next morning. Your body is already breaking down enough sugar when metabolizing liquor. Man up and learn to take it straight! If you ABSOLUTELY have to chase, use water.

5. Hits from the bong

Nope, not the Throttle Bong. You know what kind of bong we're talking about...Smoking cannabis will help with every part of your hangover. It will help your headache, help your nausea, and spark your appetite.

6. Bone

Yes, that is correct. Having sex will get you active and kick them endorphins in. If the hangover is a knocking, get to a rocking!

7. Stick to clear liquor

The darker the liquor the more bad shit that’s in it. Keep it light.

8. Get your soup on

As lame as it sounds, the massive amounts of fat and sodium in soup broth will bring you back to life every time. PRO TIP: Our go-to is Vietnamese Pho soup.

9. Take a COLD shower

Cold temperatures can shock your body and push it to stop being so soft. Cold temps also reduce swelling and will help return blood flow to your throbbing head. PRO TIP: Try this AFTER trying fix #6 above...not before.

10. Rip a Red Bull

Word on the street is that Red Bull was originally created to cure hangovers on the European party scene. Fact or fiction? We're not quite sure, but it fucking works!


You got enough regrets to cringe about after a night of debauchery...Give these a try next time and minimize those morning-after regrets.


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