How does Funnel Butter work?

How does Funnel Butter work?

Funnel Butter Anti-Foam Spray works by coating the bottom of your beer bong funnel with a few quick sprays. The tasteless spray acts as a food-grade lubricant and allows your beer to smoothly glide through the funnel and down the hose with ease creating substantially less foam along the way.

Without Funnel Butter, beer tends to tumble down the funnel and into the hose of your beer bong. This creates a turbulent flow that generates an annoying amount of foam. If you’ve ever poured a beer bong before, you know about this damn foam.

Don't be stuck standing there waiting for a beer bong full of foam a can of Funnel Butter. Trust us, it works!

Don't believe us? Just watch.

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(P.S. An added bonus of Funnel Butter? It also lubricates the ball valve in the Throttle Bong for easier rippin'!)


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