How We Started

How We Started

Rocco Racing Products (pronounced:  \'rock-ohh\  \'racing\  \'prod-uh kts\ ) was founded by rider / racer / mechanical engineer / motorcycle enthusiast / beer lover Weston Rocco Furia (me).

Rocco Racing’s signature product, The Throttle Bong, began in my early Mechanical Engineering undergrad college years at SJSU. I grew tired of seeing my buddys make homemade beer bongs and buy cheap novelty store beer bongs only to see them break or deform after the first couple parties. The lack of quality in the beer bong market bothered me. I figured there had to be a solution to this cheap beer bong epidemic, so I decided to develop my own HEAVY DUTY beer bong.

I grew up riding dirt bikes, so during the design process, I decided it would be fucking rad to adapt a motorcycle throttle to regulate the flow of my new INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH beer bong.

With a little engineering experience I developed the first Throttle Bong in 2013 (with zero intentions of selling it). The OVER-ENGINEERED, first generation Throttle Bong lasted three years and survived hundreds of parties, campouts, festivals, ragers, and tailgates before the hose finally started to go bad. To my surprise, the first Throttle Bong was a huge hit with riders and and non-riders alike.

During this time, I received numerous requests to build Throttle Bongs for friends, and after three years of repeated interest, it was clear I may have stumbled across something SPECIAL.

In early 2016, I decided to file a provisional patent on the Throttle Bong, start a business, create a website, and start manufacturing and selling Throttle Bongs.

Since we started, I pulled my bestfriend on board to help with various aspects of the business, and our two-man crew works hard to ensure every Throttle Bong and all future Rocco Racing Products are built with the same passion, durability, and QUALITY the very first Throttle Bong was built with.

We’re not in this business to shark and make money. We’re in this business because we dig it. We believe in the value of quality, FUNCTIONAL products in a time where most products seem to be defined by poor construction, cost cutting methods, and high quantities.


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Weston Furia

Owner, Mechanical Engineer, Motorcycle Enthusiast, Beer Lover


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