Problem Solved.

Problem Solved.

Most beer bongs are constructed from low-end materials and often break. Whether store bought or homemade, it is nearly impossible to find a beer bong that lasts longer than a few parties. This problem aggravated us in college, so we developed a solution.

The Throttle Bong solves your cheap beer bong woes by using an industrial grade brass ball valve, a sturdy over-sized braided vinyl hose, a high capacity funnel, a precision machined aluminum throttle tube, an ODI motorcycle grip, and a stainless steel hose clamp to hold it all together. All made here in good ‘ol USA.

We just wanted a rad beer bong that was heavy duty enough to survive our lifestyle. The first Throttle Bong lasted THREE YEARS of heavy college raging and camping before the hose started to get gnarly. The throttle valve assembly is going to practically last forever, but say the hose on your Throttle Bong does start to go bad? Hit us up for a $4.99 replacement hose. All of a sudden those cheap beer bongs seem a little silly...


Don't waste your money. You need a quality beer bong to fit your lifestyle.

The choice is yours. Do you want a beer bong that lasts three parties or three years?



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Weston Furia

Owner, Mechanical Engineer, Motorcycle Enthusiast, Beer Lover



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