Product Showcase: Reinforced Vinyl Hose

Product Showcase: Reinforced Vinyl Hose

The purpose of our product showcase series is to be transparent with customers and proved ALL the details behind our products, big or small. This week on our component showcase series? The Hose.


What is a beer bong without a hose? Nothing. That's why we've taken no shortcuts on sourcing the sturdiest, most-durable hose for our Throttle Bongs. Dive into our REINFORCED VINYL HOSE below:

  • Inside Diameter: 1in.
  • Wall Thickness: .156in.
  • Construction: Polyester textile yarn braided between two Polyvinyl tubes
  • Durometer: 80 Shore "A"
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20 F to +150 F
  • Working PSI: 125lbs
  • Ratings: Non-Toxic, FDA compliant, NSF/ANSI 51 & 61 dual certified
  • Options: 1 Beer (12 fl. oz.) and 2 Beer (24 fl. oz) sizes

Why use such gnarly, strong, heavy duty hose? 'Cuz there's nothing worse than a beer bong with cheap, flimsy hose spilling precious beer, kinking, and blocking the flow.

Our reinforced vinyl hose holds it's shape, stands up to abuse, and flows beer like no other beer bong.


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