What is a Rocco?

What is a Rocco?

Rocco (pronounced:  \'rock-ohh\) is a name built on hard, honest work. The origin of the Rocco name began with my 88 year old grandfather, Papa Rocco. Rocco is my Grandfather’s first name and has since been passed down as my Dad’s middle name and my middle name.

My "Papa", Rocco, is an old, hardworking Italian man who I have always looked up to and admired. Rocco has never substituted hard work and has built an amazing family and legacy as a result. At 88 years old, he still goes out to the family’s warehouse almost every day and works...for fun. Not because he has to, but because he wants to. Hard word keeps him alive and happy. Knowing he can still produce quality work gives him a purpose and provides meaning. Rocco doesn’t work for the sake of making money, he works because he enjoys the grind and enjoys producing value.

Papa Rocco has passed his commitment to hard work and quality workmanship on to his offspring. Growing up, I’ve seen it in my family, and can now see it in me. Putting in the work, creating value, and producing quality products through Rocco Racing gives me great satisfaction.

Rocco Racing is not “in it” for the money, we’re “in it” because we see a place for high quality work in an era defined by cheap, poorly-constructed products manufactured overseas. We’re not just in it for the dollars, we’re in it for quality. Quality over quantity. Hard work over cheap labor. Fine details over corners cut. Rocco Racing is a name built on QUALITY workmanship. It’s in our blood and it’s in every product we currently produce and will produce in the future.

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Weston Furia

Owner, Mechanical Engineer, Motorcycle Enthusiast, Beer Lover


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