Why Buy?

Why Buy?

Why buy a Throttle Bong?

Why buy a Throttle Bong when there are numerous beer bongs on the market for less $$$?

What makes the Throttle Bong so special?

Why buy a Throttle Bong when I could likely make my own?

What makes the Throttle Bong more expensive than other options?

What does Rocco Racing do differently?


In one word, the answer to the above questions is QUALITY.

Rocco Racing is different in that we have sacrificed a few dollar bills in order to provide you with a beer bong experience like no other. We grew tired of all the cheap beer bongs out there that only last one or two parties before the valve breaks or the hose kinks. We wanted to make a quality beer bong that would actually last.

The Throttle Bong was originally developed with quality as the primary design factor. No other beer bong on the market is built in the US with quality US sourced materials. The Throttle Bong is special in that it is stronger and will last longer than all other beer bongs. We are so confident in the quality of our product, that every Throttle Bong also comes with a warranty (what other beer bong comes with a warranty??).

The Throttle Bong is a bit more expensive than some alternatives because we chose NOT to cut corners. Whether homemade from hardware store materials or bought from a store, the quality and experience the Throttle Bong provides can not be surpassed for the same price.

Ohh yea…..and that’s all not to mention it uses a motherf**king motorcycle throttle to open the valve.

To support small business and/or to learn more about the Throttle Bong, visit our product page.

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Weston Furia

Owner, Mechanical Engineer, Motorcycle Enthusiast, Beer Lover


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