Why You NEED "The Rack"

Why You NEED "The Rack"

As cliché as it sounds, The Rack is one of those products you never knew you needed until you have it. The Rack beer bong holder makes your life easier and your beer bong experiences better.

How you ask? Read on my friend:

  • Skip shoulder day again? No worries. No more tired shoulders from holding beer bongs.
  • Don't have any Funnel Butter? An impatient pourer? No worries. Hang 'em and let the foam settle.
  • Enjoy a good race? Looking for a challenge? No worries. Race side by side, mano a mano.
  • Don't want to rest your beer bong in the mid-rager filth between rips? No worries. Hang 'em up safe from harm's way.

CLICK HERE to pick up your Rack today! You won't be disappointed.

Questions? Don't be afraid to reach out to wes@roccoracingproducts.com. We'll get you some answers.


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