SKF Dual-Compound Fork Seals

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  • $ 39.99

The best fork seals in the game. A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. Cheap seals can be more expensive if they leak prematurely!

  • Superior sealing
  • Better wiping of dirt
  • Less friction
  • Longer life

SKF Dual-Compound fork-seal technology was developed to achieve superior sealing performance by molding two different compounds together in one fork seal.

The green compound rubber is used for the seal’s wiper lips. It is tough and durable. The red compound rubber is used for the oil sealing lips. It is softer, more flexible and has a newly designed sealing lip. The softer rubber can follow imperfections in the fork tube to maintain a good seal against leakage.

Kits sold as singles with one oil seal and one dust wiper (one fork's worth).